Kernel configuration for the T400

Use this kernel configuration for the Lenovo Thinkpad T400 (2767WC8). The configuration was created for the Tuxonice patched kernel. Anyways, it should be a good base to customize and build any kernel according to your needs (file systems, Tuxonice components, etc.).

The configuring focuses on some aspects:

Beware: this is a low latency kernel (ex. for high definition audio applications). You should disable this feature in "Processor type and features" ---> "Preemption Model" if you do not know what this is or do not need it.

To apply this configuration to your kernel, just copy it to /usr/src/linux/ and rename it to .config.

To migrate this configuration to a current one, use make oldconfig.


Kernel coniguration / Lenovo T400 / Tuxonince / 2.6.38

Kernel coniguration / Lenovo T400 / Tuxonince / 3.0.7